??? is a mysterious character from the Boktai series based on Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series. He has unknown skills and hides items in his stomach (a reference to when Snake had hidden cigarettes in his stomach in the game Metal Gear Solid).


In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, Django found ??? stuck in the House of Time, a place with distorted time and space where past and present collapse. He has no memories of who he is and it's believed he's a visitor from another world. After being rescued, he goes to San Miguel and opens a shop. He sells "blindboxes" that contain random items and weapons. He also gives titles and hints to Django.


The Blindboxes has five levels, each level has nine items and price, starting with 200 Soll. The items inside are divided by six consumables and three weapons, the Blindbox contains one item chosen randomly.

Snake can partially recover his memory after the player upgrade the Blindboxes to the maximum level through JoySpot, after reach the last level and hitting him, he will start remembering his past with a head and stomach pain. After that, Snake will give the player the Star Piece.

Unfortunately, it's a characteristic only available in the Japanese release of Boktai 2, for the USA and European release the boxes can only be upgrade to level 2, and Snake dialogues are not available.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
200 Soll ??? Soll ??? Soll ??? Soll ??? Soll
Zweihander Sword B2.png Zweihander BastardSword B2.png Bastard Sword Zweihander Sword B2.png ZweihanderSP BastardSword B2.png Bastard SwordSP Muramasa Sword B2.png MuramasaSP
Corsesca Spear B2.png Corsesca Partizan Spear B2.png Partizan Corsesca Spear B2.png CorsescaSP Partizan Spear B2.png PartizanSP Rune Spear B2.png Rune SpearSP
Axe-0.png Axe Battle Axe AxeSP Battle AxeSP Heavy AxeSP
Speed Nut.png Speed Nut Redmushroom2.png Redshroom Earthly Nut.png Earthly Nut Speed Nut.png Speed Nut Tasty Meat.png Tasty Meat
Tiptoe Nut.png Tiptoe Nut Bluemushroom2.png Blueshroom Solar Nut.png Solar Nut Banana2.png Power Nut Jerky.png Jerky
Banana2.png Power Nut Chocolate.png Chocolate Drop of Sun.png Drop of Sun Redmushroom2.png Redshroom Chocolate.png Chocolate
Chocolate.png Chocolate Healer2.png Healer Tomato Juice.png Tomato Juice Bluemushroom2.png Blueshroom Healer2.png Healer
Healer2.png Healer Magical Potion.png Magical Potion Chocolate.png Chocolate Chocolate.png Chocolate Magical Potion.png Magical Potion
Magical Potion.png Magical Potion Elixir.png Elixir Sunblock.png Sunblock Sunny Clog2.png Sunny Clog Elixir.png Elixir

Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack[]

In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, he still has amnesia and appears in four locations during night-time, with Garigari-kun appearing in the same locations during daytime. He sells a item and an accessory in each location. If the items are sold to Lita, they can be bought at her store at any time. The four accessories give negative statuses when used alone, but when all are used together the negative bonuses become positive and the Dark Trance lasts longer.


Image Name Price Location
Resdshroom Shinbok.png Redshroom 50 Lifeless town B, Floor 2 Room 3
Wolf Fang Accessory Shinbok.png Wolf Fang 1200
Blueshroom Shinbok.png Blueshroom 200 White Forest B, Room 12
Undead Fingernail Accessory Shinbok.png Undead Fingernail 1200
Elixir Shinbok.png Elixir 200 Ancient Tree B, Floor 4 Room 14
Bat Wing Accessory Shinbok.png Bat Wing 1200
Bearnut Shinbok.png Bearnut 400 Pirate Island A, Basement 2 Room 10
Rat Tail Accessory Shinbok.png Rat Tail 1200