??? is a mysterious character from the Boktai series based on Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series. He has unknown skills and hides items in his stomach (a reference to when Snake had hidden cigarettes in his stomach in the game Metal Gear Solid).


In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, Django found ??? stuck in the House of Time, a place with distorted time and space where past and present collapse. He has no memories of who he is and it's believed he's a visitor from another world. After being rescued, he goes to San Miguel and opens a shop. He sells "blindboxes" that contain random items and weapons. He also gives titles and hints to Django.

In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, he still has amnesia and appears in four locations during night-time, with Garigari-kun appearing in the same locations during daytime. He sells a item and an accessory in each location. If the items are sold to Lita, they can be bought at her store at any time. The four accessories give negative statuses when used alone, but when all are used together the negative bonuses become positive and the Dark Trance lasts longer.

Blindboxes Edit

Store Edit

Image Name Price Description
Resdshroom Shinbok Red Mushroom 50 Makes your body smaller.
Elixir 200 Cures Poisoning, Confusion, and Stomach aches.
Blue Mushroom 200 Make your body invisible
Bear Nut 400 Enables you to endure damage. (15 seconds)
Wolf Fang Halves earned EXP?
Bat Wing Weakens Flame, Frost, Could, and Earth?
Undead Fingernail 1200 Doubles energy consumption?
Rat Tail ENE decreases during movement?
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