Alice Concept Art.png
Concept Art
Title: Sunflower Girl
Gender: Female
Age: 16~26 (not confirmed)
Type: None
Property: None
Features: Piledriver use
First appearance: Lunar Knights
Voice actor: Rachel Walzer
Seiyū: Kyōko Hikami
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Alice is the new sunflower girl and takes care of the Piledriver - known as the Sunflower in Lunar Knights - in space. She has pink hair and wears a pink jacket. Her appearance is almost exactly the same as Zazie, except this time, there's bunny ears.

Alice contacts Lucian with the use of the Mobile Unit. She provides useful information on new aspects to the game. She's also there to push Lucian and Aaron to get to the Sunflower for purification. All of her contacts all think the same about her; very annoying. She provides help through the use of the Mobile Unit, for example reviving, restarting an area, and transport out of the dungeon.