Solar Gun Parts

Batteries are an integral part of the Gun del Sol. Batteries store sunlight that the Gun del Sol uses as a power source (in-game sunlight, not the actual sunlight that hits the solar sensor). Batteries only appear in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand; later games simply give characters an energy meter for use with any type of weapon, effectively replacing batteries.

Each time the Gun del Sol is used, energy is lost from the battery equipped. An equipped battery slowly recharges when exposed to sunlight and can be recharged faster if the A button is held. Batteries can also be recharged directly from a Solar Station. Each battery has a different capacity, with the larger batteries appearing later in the game. The first available battery is able to store a single "sol" of solar energy; the capacity of all other batteries, as well as the Solar Bank and Solar Station, are counted in sols.

Under most circumstances it would only be logical to equip the largest battery available. However, no batteries are discarded during the game so smaller batteries still serve as effective backups: once the current battery is drained, players can switch to the next largest battery and resume their game without taking the time to recharge. This is an effective strategy during combat or when little sunlight is available, but it could serve as a double-edged sword if players forget to recharge each battery independently.

List of Batteries[]

Name Description
BatterySingle.png Single Capacity - one sol. This is the default battery for the Gun del Sol and is in the player's inventory at the start of the game.
BatteryDouble.png Double Capacity - two sol. If playing on the Easy difficulty, this battery is in the player's inventory at the start of the game. On any other difficulties it must be found in Bloodrust Mansion.
BatteryTriple.png Triple Capacity - three sol. Found in Stench Forest.
BatteryQuad.png Quad Capacity - four sol. Found in Sol City.
BatteryQuint.png Quint Capacity - five sol. Found in Dark Castle. This battery has the largest capacity among the "normal" batteries.
BatteryChaos.png Chaos Capacity - five sol. Obtained after beating the game under special

circumstances (after getting the Pink Solar Tree). This is one of the three "Dark Gun" parts, meaning it can only be used if the other two parts, the Dark Lens and the Phantom Frame, are equipped, or the Luna Lens. Despite its "dark" nature, the Chaos Battery still uses solar energy as a power source.

BatteryChaos.gif Astro The Astro Battery is unique in that it draws energy directly from the Solar Station.

This gives it the second-largest capacity of all batteries (999 sol), second only to the Infinite Battery. The drawback is that, unlike other batteries, the Astro Battery can't be recharged with the A button; the Solar Station can only be recharged quickly with the use of the Star Lens or the Solar Bank. The Astro Battery is obtained by looking at the Solar Tree at sunset while holding the Star Card. Lita gives the Star Card to Django once the Solar Tree has blossomed into the Pink Solar Tree.

BatteryInfinite.png Infinite As the name suggests, the Infinite Battery has limitless solar energy, completely eliminating the need to recharge. It comes as no surprise that this is also the hardest item to obtain in the entire game. To receive it, players must first build the Azure Sky Tower up to floor 99. This alone is a difficult task: the Azure Sky Tower is only about a dozen floors tall at first, but several more floors are added each time players beat the dungeon. Once a player makes it to floor 99, that player must defeat the Silvery White Knight, one of the strongest enemies in the game. Of course, players must have the Luna Emblem if the even wish to see the Silvery White Knight in the first place. The Luna Emblem is only rewarded to players who have collected the other six emblems in the game. The Dark Emblem is a player's reward for beating the game, and the Sol Emblem is given to Django by Lita once the Solar Tree has completely recovered (the Pink Solar Tree is not required). One of the four remaining emblems (chosen at random) is given to Django the first time he enters the Azure Sky Tower. Players can only obtain the other three emblems through "emblem resonance," which copies the elemental emblems other players have acquired; the only other way players can obtain all the emblems is by using a hacking device. So to recap: collect all the emblems, make it to floor 99 of Azure Sky Tower, and defeat the Silvery White Knight. The entire process makes the Infinite Battery beyond the reach of most players.