• DariuzWolf

    Adoption request

    February 25, 2019 by DariuzWolf

    I've been thinking about adopting this wiki for a while, I think I comply the requirements of the adoption, but since the wiki has had some active users editing recently, I need to create a public discussion about the adoptation, so ...
    ¿Do you agree that I become the new administrator?

    I don't have nothing more to say je je...

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  • NecromancerXD

    I'm back....sorta

    April 29, 2012 by NecromancerXD

    Yes the awful admin known as me is back and worser than ever xD. Now to the more serious subject...As of now I am unactive since my life took a huge turn so I will only come back here every now and then to edit but barely. However, I can still take adminship requests so feel free to reply if you're interested. I apologize for my lack of edits but I can't change my life in the direction it's going now...

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  • NecromancerXD


    March 18, 2012 by NecromancerXD

    Ok for anybody who's reading this I'm taking a vacation so I'll be back on I guess the second week of April. Mostly because everybody needs to relax every now and then. That, and I got some exams to study for. However, if you applied for the admin ship I'll try and get that done as well while I'm on vacation.

    April 1st UPDATE I'm somewhat back however I have exams after the following week so once again I'll be inactive again till most likely the end of April however I'll try to edit as much as possible before this week ends.

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