Calamity is the best Automatic fire Frame in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, also, appears on Boktai 3 but with a red-orange body and a gray-green cannon. The differences of the Frame between the first title and the third (apart from the appearance) are the quantity, the size of bullets and distance. in the first game three large bullets can be fired and the distance traveled is little, in the third game can fired five bullets, they are small and have a great distance of travel. 

Gameplay Edit

Calamity Frame makes the Gun del Sol can Shot bullet at high speed.

  • By Holding the fire boton (B) it can be change the direction where it will land.

Location Edit

Boktai: At the top of Azure Sky Tower, requires the Frost Emblem to open the Frost door.

Boktai 3: Lifeless Town B - A little room in the North with 6 weight switch, press all the switches.


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