The Casket Rocket Laplace is the Lunar Knights version of Boktai's Piledriver. Once a Vampire is defeated, Lucian seals his/her essence into a Coffin to be purified in the Intersteller Sattelite Sunflower. However, getting to the sattelite may be difficult, as Enemy ships and asteroids may try to hider your progress.

The LaplaceEdit

Laplace BDS

The Laplace is like a transforming robot ship that usually spends its time attatched to the Sunflower. It will activate when Lucian summons it, and immeadiatly home in on his position. The Laplace, as well as other Mobile Fighters can have minds of their own, and can react to their environment. The Laplace is apparently a two seater, But only one is used to pilot the ship (Lucian's seat, on the left side). The second seat (Aaron's seat) is probably the weapon systems, as Lucian at one point in the game tells Aaron to "Fire! Fire Away!". However, this is brought into question at the beginning of the game, in which Lucian can fire weaponry in the absence of a gunner.

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