Coffin is a funerary box used to contain deceased remains, either for burial or cremation. In the Boktai series, coffins are used by Immortals and vampires to rest. When a Immortal is defeated, they get into a coffin, and the player has to take the coffin to the Pile Driver to purify the Immortal inside.

Variety of coffinsEdit

In Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, each Immortal has their own coffin. In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, Django begins with a Oak Coffin, and can exchange it by other Coffins with the Coffin Shopkeeper, each having a different function. Dark Django can also sleep on his coffin. In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, the only coffin available is the Vector Coffin, which is able to transform into a bike.

Boktai 2 coffinsEdit

Image Name Price Description
Oak Coffin Oak Coffin60Wooden coffin.
Bronze Coffin Bronze Coffin 80Coffin made of bronze.
Iron Coffin Iron Coffin 100Coffin made of iron. Sealed Immortals cannot escape.
Silver Coffin Silver Coffin 120Coffin made of silver. Enemies will not find it.
Solar Coffin Solar Coffin 140Magical coffin. Allows movement using Warp Magic Square.
Coffin Monster Elefan Coffin Monster Elefan 160Living coffin. Controllable with Sleeping.
Vanpire Coffin Vampire Coffin 180A comfortable bed, but lowers Solar Pile attack power.
(The Count's coffin in the first game.)
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 200Raises Solar Pile attack power, but not such a good

(Carmilla's coffin in the first game.)

Coffin BikeEdit

The Coffin Bike is a Vector Coffin that the Coffin Shopkeeper modified to make it able to transform into a bike. The Coffin Shopkeeper gave it to Django in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, so he can purify Immortals and be able to travel long distances. The bike can be customized to improve its performance. When obtained, the player can choose a name to the bike, the standard name being "My Bike", and it can be renamed at any time.



Parts for the Front are mainly weapons for destruction of obstacles or attacking opponents. They are triggered with the B button.

ImageNameAttackWeapon CostAttack typeLocation
Base-bikeBlaster I2040Fires a single bullet forward.Available from beginning.
FSidewinderSidewinder30120Fires two bullets that curve around the side of the bike before going backwards.Beat the Iron Armor in the Lifeless Town.
FBlasterIIBlaster II4080Fires a stronger single bullet forward.Beat the Axe in the White Forest.
FHammerheadHammerhead40180Launches two missiles forward.Beat the Cloud Armor on Pirate Island.
FFairyTaleFairy Tale45150Launches one missile forward and one backwards.Sell all four consumable items to Lita from "???".
FCrusherCrusher608Attacks close targets with a powerful drill.Talk to Cheyenne after forging swords of all levels up to LV50.


The main part of the bike, the body contributes to many aspects - endurance, acceleration, speed, and the number of options that can be equipped.

ImageNameAccel.SpeedHPOption slotsLocation
Base-bikeViking46923601Available from beginning.
BEinherjarEinherjar321083302Beat the Earth Armor in the Ancient Tree.
BUlfhedinnUlfhedinn841042903Found on Pirate Island.
BBerserkBerserk22966304Beat the Fire Armor on Pirate Island.
BValkyrieValkyrie181262403Beat the Dual Armor in the Dark Castle.
BSleipnirSleipnir621144202Beat the Black Knight in the Ancient Tree.


Tires affect how the bike navigates across the course, along with the boost cost.

ImageNameHandleBrakeBoost CostSpecial effectsLocation
Base-bikeStandard I3258120NoneAvailable from beginning.
TStandardIIStandard II34116102NoneReward for S-Ranking the track "Back Street".
TTrialTrial388768Bike travels well on dirt.Found in the Lifeless Town.
TChainChain369068Bike travels well on ice.Found in the Ancient Tree.
TMultiPurposeMulti Purpose5811688NoneFound in the Lifeless Town on the second playthrough.
TBoosterBooster287744Boost cost reduced.Found in the Ancient Tree on the second playthrough.


Special weapons are activated with the A button, and can have different effects.

Repair04Repairs damage.Exchange for 300 points with Elefan.
Mine80200Drops a mine.Exchange for 300 points with Elefan.
Barrier0320Generates a barrier, making the player immune to enemy attacks but not obstacle collisions.Exchange for 600 points with Elefan.
Spread20200Generates a shield around you which can be used to ram opponents.Exchange for 600 points with Elefan.
Stealth0300Renders you invisible to your opponent(s).Exchange for 1200 points with Elefan.
Ballistic Missile120900Launches a large missile above the screen, and than it falls.Exchange for 1200 points with Elefan.


Options have different effects on different aspects of the bike. Multiple options can be equipped at once depending on how many slots the body offers.

Magic Handle +20 to attack strength.Found in the Ancient Tree.
Magic Step +40 to attack strength.Reward for S-Ranking the first Ancient Tree mission.
Rock Emblem +70 to attack strength.Collect from the Rockman Doll after completing 200 races.
Platinum PlugAcceleration +60%.Found in a secret room in Pirate Island.
High Grade OilAcceleration +120%.Reward for S-Ranking the first Pirate Island mission.
HYP ChargerMaximum speed +10%.Exchange for 300 points with Elefan.
Blues ChainMaximum speed +10%.Collect from the Rockman Doll after completing 50 races.
Colonel GearMaximum speed +10%.Collect from the Rockman Doll after completing 100 races.
Reinforced ArmHP +200Found in the White Forest.
Reinforced FrameHP +300Reward for S-Ranking the first White Forest mission.
Knuckle GuardDecreases damage received.Found in the Lifeless Town.
ProtectorGreatly decreases damage received.Reward for S-Ranking the first Lifeless Town mission.
BST BatteryBoost cost -20%Reward for S-Ranking the third Sealed Prison mission.
WPN BatteryWeapon cost -60%Reward for S-Ranking the third Lifeless Town mission.
SP BatterySpecial Item cost -60%Reward for S-Ranking the third Ancient Tree mission.
Clutch MasterBraking +70%Reward for S-Ranking the third White Forest mission.
Brake MasterBraking +100%Reward for S-Ranking the third Pirate Island mission.
Kid's AfroIncreases energy regeneration.Reward for S-Ranking the first Sealed Prison mission.
Smith's HammerIncreases potion effects.Exchange for 600 points with Elefan.
Violet's ApronDecreases damage received when HP falls below half.Exchange for 600 points with Elefan.
Lady's CardReduces energy costs when HP falls below half.Exchange for 600 points with Elefan.
Cheyenne's AxeSpeed is increased while ahead of rival.Exchange for 1200 points with Elefan.
Lita's RibbonIncreases energy regeneration while ahead of rival.Exchange for 1200 points with Elefan.
Zazie's Magic StoneIncreases energy regeneration while behind rival.Exchange for 1200 points with Elefan.


Colour schemes are for aesthetic purposes.

Base-bikeCoffin GrayAvailable from beginning.
CSolYellowSol YellowReward for S-Ranking the track "Miguel Loop".
CLunaWhiteLuna WhiteReward for S-Ranking the track "Distant Wasteland". Available on second playthrough onwards.
CFlameRedFlame RedReward for S-Ranking the track "Sea of Sand".
CFrostBlueFrost BlueReward for S-Ranking the track "Cruel Frozen Earth".
CCloudPurpleCloud PurpleReward for S-Ranking the track "Accursed Shore".
CEarthGreenEarth GreenReward for S-Ranking the track "Forest of the Dead".
CDarkBlackDark BlackReward for S-Ranking the track "Jump Road".
CDjangoRedDjango RedReward for S-Ranking the track "Park Avenue".
CSabataBlackSabata BlackReward for S-Ranking the track "Lost Highway".
CTrinitySPTrinity SPReward for S-Ranking the track "Potion Road".
CRockBlueRock BlueCollect from Rockman Doll after S-Ranking all tracks.
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