Django Dark Trance

Dark Trance (トランス・ダーク Toransu Dāku) is a transformation system from the Boktai series.


Dark Django, also known as Black Django and Vampire Boy Django, is a transformation of Django that was introduced in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django when he was bitten by his father Ringo and was left for death. Sabata took him back to the Pile Driver and purified him, only it was too late. Django had too much vampire blood flowing through his veins, and was stuck as a vampire, without the power of the sun. His main power was the power of Darkness, which could kill the vines that blocked his way to most of the other areas outside of San Miguel. He could also turn into a mouse and squeeze through small holes, and squeak to trick enemies. The next power he had was the ability to turn into a bat, and fit through small windows to fly around. The bat could also use sonar to see hidden treasure chests. His last ability was to turn into a wolf for a few seconds, just enough to bite an enemy and drain some health. (This only works from the back, and can alert enemies with the screams of the victim.) His downfalls were:

  1. He no longer had the Power of the Sun, so no other elements besides darkness could be used.
  2. He takes damage just standing in sunlight or rain (can avoid damage by wearing sunscreen in sunlight, and wearing a raincoat in the rain. Sunscreen only works for 1 minute. The raincoat can be found by talking to Violet during rain.)
  3. Water hurts Django, such as a puddle or rain. He can avoid puddles by flying over them as a bat, and can wear a raincoat in rain.
  4. If the Gun del Sol is used, Django will take damage (1 damage per shot, continuous if charged)

When Django attempted to purify Durathror, he almost dies after activating the Pile Driver, but was able to survive with the help of the people in San Miguel and recovered his original form, being able to alternate between "Solar Boy" and "Vampire Boy".

In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, Dark Django appears as a Trance form called Dark Trance. He had Dark Claw, an attack that hit everyone around him, and Dark Fang, a bite attack that replaces the Wolf form from Boktai 2. Just the same as Sol Trance Form, he empties the TRC gauge.

Usable in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django as a switched form, Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack as a Trance Form.

Lunar Knights[]

Lucian/Sabata Dark Trance

In Lunar Knights, the Trance form of Lucian with Nero equipped resembles Django's Vampire Trance.

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