Fog Castle is the first immortal dungeon that Django explores in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. The Count is supposedly recovering from the wounds that were inflicted upon him in a battle against Django's father. The immortal boss is the Count (although you don't actually fight him), resting in his coffin and surrounded by bats; however, it turns out that this is actually a decoy used to distract Django and Otenko while the real Count recovered from his wounds in Bloodrust Mansion.


Floor Room Item Hidden Respawns
F1 R3 1.png Green Apple No Yes
F1 R6 Knight Frame B1.png Knight Frame No No
F2 R1 Silvercoin.png Silver Coin Yes No
F2 R1 LifeFruit-0.png Life Fruit No No
F3 R2 Speednut.png Speed Nut x5 Yes No


Type Easy Normal Hard
Crow.png Crow 4 4 4
Spider B1.gif Spider 0 0 2
Poison Spider B1.gif Poison Spider 0 0 3
Ghoul (Gok) B2.gif Ghoul 3 3 6
Bat B1.gif Bat 15 15 15
Type Easy Normal Hard
Ghoul (Gok) B2.gif Ghoul 6 6 9
Bat B1.gif Bat 15 15 15

Environment and objects[]

Type Easy Normal Hard
Skylight Castle.gif Skylight 6 6 6
Solar Station B1.png Solar Station 1 1 1

Completion rewards[]

  • Regardless of the rank, the player will be given the Fool Card


  • This dungeon is featured in the E3 comic trailer, where two brothers are playing through it.
  • The comic shows some rooms in Fog Castle that are not present in the actual game.



Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3