Official Artwork
Title:The Lifefreezing Silver Wolf,
Snow Wolf Garmr
First appearance:Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand‎‎
Voice actor:None

Garmr (ガルム) is a massive snow wolf that guards the Permafrost in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand‎‎. He was reawakened and imbued with Dark Matter by Sabata, and was used by Hel to gather frost property energies. Django has to defeat him and Muspell to open the sealed path, and fights against them again in Dark Castle.


Garmr is agile and tries to freeze Django with his breath, and a snowstorm pushes Django. Django can push the ice blocks in the area into Garmr to harm him. After some attempts, Garmr will move to the center of the area and increase the power of the storm, which will suddenly stop and Garmr attack with a powerful ice wave that hit the whole area. After using the ice wave, Garmr will pause for a while to rest. After resting or being hit with a ice block, the snowstorm returns and Garmr will become transparent and hide to recover his health. After recovering or being hit with a ice block, Garmr restarts his attack pattern.

Statue of GarmrEdit


Statue of Garmr is an enemy from Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack. They are statues shaped like Garmr that appear in the White Forest, and release a cold stream to freeze Django when close to them.


In Norse mythology, Garmr is a large dog that guards Hel.

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