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Golem (ゴーレム) is one of the major enemies in the Boktai series. Golems are soulless statues made by ancient magic that serve the Immortals. If a Golem spot the player, it will roll up into a ball and roll to attack. Sometimes they charge up to cause more damage, but will be stunned. In the first Boktai game they sleep between 3:00-3:30 a.m.


Clay Golem
Clay Golem A brown Golem made of clay. weak against Earth and Heavy Shot Frames, usually are found in outdoors and forests on Boktai 1. In boktai 2 and 3 Clay Golems are unusual and only appear on a few dungeons, and are weak against Cloud. this is the most common type, being present in all Boktai games.

Stone Golem S
Stone Golem A gray Golem made of stone. weak against heavy shot frames and cloud property (only in Boktai 3). attacks like a normal golem except on boktai 1, which, can pulls a chain of rocks that follows Django

Golem + S
Golem+ A golem stained with blood. These golems are the Crimson version of the golems, being the most dangerous in boktai 2 and 3, being 10 times more stronger and faster that a normal golem. On Boktai 2 when entering in a finished dungeon, a normal golem can will changed randomly into a Golem+. to increase the apparition of the Golem+, equip the Parade Armor. On Boktai 3 the Golem+ appears only in Ancient Tree if you meet certain conditions. Each time you enter in a room, there is a random chance one of the monsters in that room will be replaced with it's Crimson version.

Ice Golem

Ice Golem Blue Golems made of Ice, are a type of golem that only appears in boktai 1 with the unique characteristic to be Frost type, being weak against Flame. Also, pulls a chain of ice spines.

Basalt Golem (No official) Black Golems made of volcanic rocks. This Golem only appears in Link Battle mode on Boktai 1 and 2, is weak against Frost and, when is defeated, explode burning anyone around.

Muspell Sprite

Muspell (Iron Golem): The "Iron Giant from the Inferno", a giant dark gray Golem made out of iron, the boss of the Firetop Mountain in the first Boktai game. It attacks by rolling like normal Golems, and can punch, make rocks fall from the ceiling and divide into three normal Golems.


In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter.

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