Gradius ( グラディウス Guradiusu ) is the first weapons to have, is classified as a sword-type and it's one of the weakest weapons of the game. Its obtained after enter the city of death, San Miguel during the first trap, and since the player does not have weapons to fight, is forced to hide himself in a small room that curiously has the sword inside in a chest, with it, can finish the trap.

Keep in mind that the gradius does not have a SP effect, but can be refinement to improve its attack with Solar Smith.

Forge Edit

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Edit

The gradius can not be forged because it is the first sword of the game, but you can refinement it with another weapon to increase its level or create a new sword with it.

You can also forged badly a higher level sword to get it.

Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack Edit

Refinement Edit

Name Movements Damage
Gradius 1 4
Gradius II 2 4
Gradius III 2 3 - 4
Gradius Broken

Upgrade Edit

The gradius can be upgrade using most accessories, but can not be upgrade to any rapier.

Gradius x Power Wrist
Crest of Clubs
Crest of Diamonds
Rune Gauntlet
White Gauntlet
Black Gauntlet
= Short Sword
Gradius x Fire Dragon Armor
Ice Dragon Armor
Wind Dragon Armor
Earth Dragon Armor
White Armor
Black Armor
= Zweihander
Curved Swords
Gradius x Iron Clogs
Funny Shoes
Power Ankle
Traveler's Shoes
Winged Boots
Adventurer's Boots
= Kopis
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