Solar Gun Grenades

Grenades are optional sub-weapons that can be equipped to the Gun del Sol. They have a wide variety of

effects, ranging from dealing damage or stunning enemies to revealing hidden items. Grenades have only appeared in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, although later games have features that fill the same role as grenades.

Grenades are fired by pressing the L button. Only one type of grenade can be equipped at a time; individual grenades do not have to be re-equipped if a player wants to use the same type of grenade over and over again. Grenades are expendable, however, and are unusable once Django runs out of that type of grenade. Fortunately, more grenades can be found in chests throughout the game. A maximum of 20 of each grenade type can be carried in the player's inventory at once, although it's possible to increase this limit by gaining enough points (9999) in Link Battle mode. The only exception to these rules is the Pineapple Grenade, which follows rules unique to itself.

Grenades are unique among the many Gun del Sol parts not only because they're consumable but also because they are completely optional: lenses must be switched regularly to solve various puzzles; frames serve as the physical core of the gun and allow it to attack in many different ways; batteries store the solar energy the gun uses as ammunition. Grenades do not have to be used or even collected, although they are quite helpful and proper use of grenades can make the game much easier.

List of Grenades[]

Name Description
No Grenade Although not technically a grenade, the "no grenade" option is listed on the Grenade sub-menu. Selecting this option unequips the grenades currently equipped. This is the only grenade option available at the start of the game.
The most basic type of grenade, Bomb grenades deal heavy fire damage wherever they land. These grenades can be fired over low walls, allowing players to destroy enemies from safety. However, Bomb grenades create a loud noise that will attract nearby enemies. This could be good or bad, depending on the situation. The solar gun Bomber in Lunar Knights has a similar function.
The Pineapple grenade is unique among grenades for a variety of reasons. The most obvious difference is that the Pineapple grenade is the only reusable grenade: rather than having multiple grenades that are used up one-by-one, the Pineapple grenade stores solar energy, unleashing all built-up energy in a single attack. The Pineapple grenade can hold a maximum of five sols (the equivalent of the Quint and Chaos Batteries) with its power depending on the number of sols stored. This is actually the Pineapple grenade's greatest weakness, as it does no damage if no sols have accumulated. The Pineapple grenade is also unique in that it is grown rather than found: planting a Revivafruit and a Bad Pumpkin together will cause the Pineapple grenade to grow at the base of the Solar Tree. Aside from all this, it behaves just like the Bomb grenade, dealing Sol damage rather than fire damage.
Rising Sun
One of the rarest grenades in the game, as well as one of the most useful. The Rising Sun grenade temporarily increases the sunlight gauge by four bars, regardless of how much sunlight is hitting the solar sensor, effectively creating artificial sunlight. The most obvious use of this grenade is to quickly recharge the Gun del Sol without using Solar Nuts, although there are many more uses. Some puzzles require sunlight to be solved, so a Rising Sun grenade can be used to tackle these puzzles at night or on cloudy days. They can also be used to power the Piledriver, although many grenades must be used to keep the Piledriver running long enough to purify the Immortal. It should be noted that a Rising Sun Grenade creates the "artificial sunlight" in the room itself, allowing Django to recharge while underground and far from any skylights. This feature can also be used offensively, as several enemies (such as boks) take damage when exposed to sunlight. However, these grenades cannot be used when fighting Hel, if you try to use it, it will be imediately destroyed by the queen's Klorofolun.
Flash grenades stun all enemies in the area, allowing players to execute a surprise attack or escape from chasing enemies, or to simply proceed in the level without having to fight or sneak past enemies. A very useful grenade.
Scan grenades temporarily reveal hidden chests, enemies, trapdoors, etc. Effectively the same as a See-all Nut.
Change grenades are truly unique: they change Klorofolun into spirit bugs. Klorofolun is a substance emitted by boks that chase Django and slowly drain his health when attached. Spirit bugs, on the other hand, restore Django's health and battery. Although Klorofolun can be shaken off or destroyed with other Gun del Sol attacks, Change grenades are still a good option, especially if players need a quick recharge.
Nightmare grenades behave exactly like Bomb grenades, only they deal darkness damage rather than fire damage. Nightmare grenades are hard to find and can usually only be collected in the Abyss. Nightmare grenades could be considered a Dark Gun part, although they can be used with any Gun del Sol setup and do not need to be equipped in order to use the true Dark Gun parts.


  • Outside of Boktai 1, in Boktai 2, Grenades have been fully eliminate, but the Moonlight Magic: Rising Sun, can be use as a sustite of Rising Sun grenade from the last game.
  • In Boktai 3, the Bomber Frame its the only grenade like ability in the game, working as a normal

grenade from the first game, but consuming Energy instead of Ammo.