Hresvelgr is a character from Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata. Hresvelgr hides himself as a giant Blue Blob with a Top hat,however his true form is really revealed to be a immortal Bird with the title of the deathwings, Member of the Four Immortals he wanted to absorb energy from the great solar tree,only to be absorbing the energy of dud solar energy (Witch the count set up to do for his self),ending up the Count to absorb the energy rather then the Blue Blob.

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Feather Darts: Hresvelgr will shoot sharp feathers from his wings, doing small amounts of damage if they hit Django. However, any plants they hit will shrivel.
  • Squall: Hresvelgr will shriek before generating a strong wind that will push Django back towards the spikes at the edges of the battlefield. If Trinity is in the battle as well, he too risks getting pushed back and dying to the spikes.
  • Bomb Run: Hresvelgr flies out of reach before his shadow dashes down the battlefield. Shortly after, Hresvelgr drops multiple bombs that explode, dealing Flame damage while also causing plants that it contacts to shrivel.
  • Shrike Drop: Hresvelgr flies out of reach, his location only visible by a shadow on the ground. Hresvelgr then drops down onto the battlefield, and if Django is standing where his shadow is, he will slam Django into the ground.


Hresvelgr cannot be reached easily - you will first need to rejuvenate the various plants scattered across the battlefield with Earth magic to get to high ground. From there, you should be able to easily attack Hresvelgr. However, Hresvelgr's attacks are also capable of causing these plants to shrivel, forcing you to rejuvenate them again.

The Vampire Trance is capable of leaping all the way up to Hresvelgr, high ground or not. Proper use of it should dramatically shorten the fight, if not end it straightaway. This is particularly helpful when facing him in the story, where the player also has to keep Trinity alive.

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