Kid is an odd man with a gigantic blonde afro.

He runs the potions / armor shop,


Kid return to San Miguel after Django found him in Remains, he opens his shop to sell Protectors and Potions to Django. Kid in Boktai 3 still selling protectors but, the potions are replaced by other accessories. DO NOT sell them rare protectors or accessories, Kid does not resell them.

  • Potions
Image Name Price Description
Healer2.png Healer 50 Restores a little Life. (20% Max HP)
Magical Potion.png Magical Potion 100 Restores a little Energy. (20% Max ENE)
Antidote.png Antidote  50 Cures poisoning.
Sunblock.png Sunblock 50 Protects the body from the sun's rays
Elixir.png Elixir  200 Cures poisoning, confusion, and stomach aches
  • Protectors
Image Name Price Description
Cloth Armor Protector B2.png Cloth Armor 50 Armor made of cloth.
Leather Armor Accessory Shinbok.png Leather Armor 100 Armor made of leather.
Chain Mail Protector B2.png Chain Mail 200 Armor made of interlaced metal rings.
Silver Chain Protector B2.png Silver Chain 400 Changes Status.
Scale Mail Protector B2.png Scale Mail 800 Leather armor with metal sheeting sewn on.
Samurai Armor Protector B2.png Samurai Armor 1200 Raises Strength.
Blade Mail Protector B2.png Blade Mail 1600 Metal plate armor.
Brigandine Protector B2.png Brigandine 2000 Protects from solar wind.
Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack
Leather Armor Accessory Shinbok.png Leather Armor 100 Slightly raises VIT.
Fire Dragon Armor Accessory Shinbok.png Fire Dragon Armor 100 Strengthens Flame, weakens Frost.
Ice Dragon Armor Accessory Shinbok.png Ice Dragon Armor 300 Strengthens Frost, weakens Flame.
Wind Dragon Armor Accessory Shinbok.png Wind Dragon Armor 400 Strengthens Cloud, weakens Earth.
Earth Dragon Armor Accessory Shinbok.png Earth Dragon Armor 200 Strengthens Earth, weakens Cloud.
  • Other Accessories
Image Name Price Description
Circlet 100 Raises Spirit. Decreases odds of item drops.
Cool Bandana 200
Power Wrist 100
Bracelet 200
Crest of Clubs 300
Crest of Diamonds 300
Iron Clogs 100
Funny Shoes 200
Power Ankle 300
Traveler's Shoes 400