Official Artwork
Title:Earthly Maiden
Age:10~15 (not confirmed)
First appearance:Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
Voice actor:Bianca Allen

Lita ( リタ Rita ) is the Earthly Maiden. In the original Boktai, she takes care of the solar tree. She apparently is skilled in martial arts, having been able to successfully defeat enemies on her own. She was trained in the art of barehanded combat by Lady, the resident tarot reader.

In Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, Lita was a prisoner of The Count until Django defeated him.

In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, she runs the food shop in San Miguel. Lita has a strong crush on Django, but is always too shy to tell him. This affection is nowhere better shown than in a conversation between Lita and Black Django, where Lita says, "Master Django, even if you become a vampire I'll still... keep the sun always in your heart." Another conversation, which the player can view if Black Django talks with Lita at night, involves Lita offering Django her blood, and turning her back on him. If the player decides to use Django's werewolf attack, he or she will earn an unusual Game Over screen.


Lita returns again as the owner of the Fruit Store in San Miguel, she  has most items for sell from the beginning of the game. Only the (*) items are unlockable by buying them from ??? in the different hide places he in the dungeons at night, and then selling the item to Lita, she then will be able to sell it as a normal item. Lita has only 15 items for sell, but there is 16 slots on her store for unknown reasons.

Image Name Price Description
Earthly Nut Shinbok Earthly Nut 50 Restore some Life. (40% Max HP)
Solar Nut Shinbok Solar Nut 100 restore some Energy.
Power Nut Shinbok Power Nut  100 Enchances Streght.
Speed Nut Shinbok Speed Nut 100 Increases Speed.
Tiptoe Nut Shinbok Tiptoe Nut  100 Eliminate sounds of the footsteps.
See-All Nut Shinbok See-All Nut 50 Makes invisble things visible.
Warp Leaf Shinbok Warp Leaf 50 Enables warping out of the dungeon.
Jerky Shinbok Jerky 150 Restores some life. (20% Max HP)
Chocolate Shinbok Chocolate 100 Restores little life. (15% Max HP)
Antidote Shinbok Antidote 50 Cure poisioning.
Drop of Sun Shinbok Drop of Sun 50 Lifts Curses.
Elixir Shinbok *Elixir 200 Cures Poisioning, Confusiong, and Stomach aches.
Resdshroom Shinbok *Red Mushroom 50 Makes your body samller.
Blueshroom Shinbok *Blue Mushroom 200 Make your body invisible
Bearnut Shinbok *Bear Nut 400 Enables you to endure damage. (15 seconds)

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Boktai 3 Sabatas Counterattack - Solar sensor hack 01

Lita's Store, in Boktai 3.