This page lists the locations of the Boktai games as well as the semi-continuation, Lunar Knights.


Istrakan, the City of DeathEdit

A dark city ruled by the Immortals. Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand takes place here.

Fog CastleEdit

The first dungeon Django explores, where the Count is supposedly recovering from wounds inflicted on him in a battle against Django's father. It turns out that the coffin Django finds is only a decoy left by the Count, who has recovered while Django and Otenko were distracted by the fake.

Bloodrust MansionEdit

A large manor belonging to the Count of Groundsoaking Blood. Here, Django finds the true Count, who had kidnapped the Earthly Maiden, Lita, to be a sacrifice in his mysterious plan.


A frozen dungeon in the middle of the sea. Django and Otenko must cross ice floes to reach it. It is protected by the Dark Guardian Garmr.

Firetop MountainEdit

A volcano filled with fire and lava. It is protected by the Dark Guardian Muspell, who is one of the original golems, the remains of the iron giants who mastered fire.

Sol CityEdit

A floating city, which can only be reached with a Warp Magic Square powered up with the Solflower, found in the Delusion Forest. Sol City was the ancient capital, and was built by the Solar Children, but has been completely deserted. Carmilla waits for Django and Otenko at the top of a tower downtown.But no sun a Dark Clouds  the Sol City to Dark City

Dark CastleEdit

A large castle in space which is being propelled to the Moon with the combined power of the Count, Carmilla, Garmr, and Muspell, all of whom Hel sacrificed as part of her plan.

Solar TreeEdit

The shrine of the life of the world, it was captured along with Lita by the Immortals and taken to Istrakan. The Undeadening has reduced it to a terrible state, but it recovers over time. Django can plant Solar Fruits in its roots and they will grow.

Dark LoansEdit

A place where Django can borrow solar energy. If he does not repay what he borrowed after a certain amount of time, he is punished.

Solar BankEdit

A bank where Django can deposit and withdraw solar energy. Over time, deposited solar energy will gain interest.

Azure Sky TowerEdit

A very tall tower where the legendary Guardian of the Moon once battled. It is said that his sword lies at the top; many knights died trying to get it.

San Miguel, the City of the SunEdit

Django's hometown, which was turned into a city of death by the Undeadening. Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django takes place here.

Boktai 3: Sabata's CounterattackEdit

  • Sealed Prison (閉ざされた牢獄 Tozasareta Rougoku)
  • San Miguel
  • Lifeless Town (死灰の街 Shihai no Machi)
  • Ancient Giant Tree (古の大樹 Inishie no Taiju)
  • White Forest (白き森 Shiro ki Mori)
  • Pirate Island (海賊の島 Kaizoku no Shima)
  • Dark Castle (暗黒城)
  • Paradise (楽園 Rakuen)
  • Arena (闘技場 Tougijou)

Lunar KnightsEdit

Acuna, on the frontierEdit

The first town you can reach. A small town.

The Golden PumpkinEdit

The town bar, warm and inviting.

General StoreEdit

A shop run by an old-fashioned canid shopkeeper where you can buy and sell items, accessories, and junk parts.

Acuna Solar BankEdit

The local Solar Bank, Acuna chapter, formerly Dark Loans, according to the cashier, Laura, who is lively and chipper despite being an android.

The Hunting MansionEdit

Margrave Rymer's former home, left vacant and swarming with monsters after his death/purification.


The outside section of the property. Has lots of fancy-looking gates and such.


The inside of the mansion itself, covered with lush carpets and wood floors as well as lots and lots of monster guards.

Belowground: Inner Sanctum, aka San MiguelEdit

After the city fell into ruin, it sank into the ground and now much of it is covered in lava. Very hot. Rumor (or rather fact, as you may late find out) states that there is a legendary weapon there, the Dark Lance Jormungandr.

Sheridan's MansionEdit

The home of Professor Sheridan, who can level up your weapons and change the climate by hacking into the paraSOL.

Old CuliacanEdit

A town that is still holding its own against the infestation of vampires. ...Well mostly, anyway.

13th StreetEdit

The residential portion of the city. Also the larger part of the city's area.


A very extensive sewer system that is said to stretch from Old Culiacan to under the Santa Cecilia Train Station.

Under the sewers: Sealed Area, aka IstrakanEdit

After the city fell into ruin, it sank into the ground and now there is a lot of ice on it, making it hard to get around without slipping. Very cold. Rumor (or rather fact, as you may late find out) states that there is a legendary weapon there, the three-bladed Dark Scythe Hel.

The Ring of DestinyEdit

The local bar/inn, where you can talk or stay the night.

Santa Cecilia Train StationEdit

Exactly what it sounds like, a train station.

Armored Train IrvingEdit

Also exactly as it seems. There is a wandering canid shopkeeper who rides the train back and forth between the station and the tower laboratory.

Guild HideoutEdit

The hideout of the Guild, a band of gunslingers who continually fight against the darkness and vampires.

Gate of BindingEdit

A huge gate which can only be opened by all four terrennials at once. Past it is the cursed city of New Culiacan.

New CuliacanEdit

A cursed city where the vampire's brides (humans who provide blood to vampires) live. You might arouse suspicion if you don't wear that bottlecap of yours, though.

Dark Castle AugusteEdit

The stronghold of the Duke, the vampire Dumas.

Dark Tower ArturEdit

One of the twin dark towers, both of which must be reached at the same time.

Dark Tower NarcissusEdit

The other of the twin dark towers.

Planet Eater ByronEdit

The true form of the paraSOL, a machine which consumes a planet and makes it suitable for Immortals to live on it. More specifically, Polidori.

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