Nero, known as Kuro (クロ) in Japan, is Violet's black cat.

Story (Boktai) Edit

In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, Nero helps Django by showing the path he has to take. Nero is first seen in the Cathedral, showing the hidden path that Smith is in. After Smith and Nero return to San Miguel, Nero stays in the local for a while, and guides Django in the beginning of the Dark City.

Later, Sabata found Nero injured and Lita took care of his wounds. After seeing Django, he leaves again to show him the way to the Aqueduct, where he is taken by Black Dainn. Dainn uses Nero as a bait for Django, throwing him away. Django is them taken underwater by Dvalinn and fights against her, but Sabata was able to take Nero. Nero stays with Violet for a while until his recovery. Near the end of the game, Sabata revealed that Dainn once possessed Nero, and later sealed Otenko inside him. Sabata then freed Otenko from Nero's body and took him to Violet.

After completing the game twice, the player can play a mini-game called "Cat and Mouse" by talking with Nero.

In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, Nero pass most of the time sleeping in Django's house with Violet. When Django talk with Lady for the first time, Nero appears to offer help in her tasks, but she says he has to take care of Violet and he returns to Django's house.

In the beginning of the game Dainn notes that he will let the vessel do as it pleases for the moment, implying that while Nero is acting on his own accord Dainn is still possessing the cat. It is likely that he did possess Nero in the cathedral, when talking to White Duneyrr and in the Dark City, when he fights Ringo, as the cat is injured afterwards.

Nero (Lunar Knights)Edit

Nero (ネロ) is the Terrennial of Dark. He imbues the weapon with the element of Dark which deals additional damage if the creature subjected to attack is weak to the Dark element. He is shaped in the from of a black cat. He has a white cross in the middle of his forehead, a white tipped tail and red demonic like wings. He and Lucian have known each other since Lucian was killed by the Duke at which point Nero was split off from from Perrault. The scar on Nero's forehead is a result of his separation from Perrault.

In Burst mode Nero fuses with Lucian to make him into a form of vampire. The B button uses the attack Dark claw which attacks in a red circle. The Y button uses a life absorbing attack known as Dark Fang, if repeatedly pressed it forms a chain attack.

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