The objects are everything that the player can interact throughout the game. Although all are important, due to the diversity and extensive amount of objects in the game, only the most relevant ones are compiled in this list, that will be divided into three categories that are:

  • Support, objects that the player can use or interact to facilitate their journey.
  • Environment, natural things that can benefit or harm the player.
  • Hostile, traps left by the undead that hurt the player.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Edit


Image Name Features
Otenko Panel Otenko Panel A green panel that the player can interact to receive help from Otenko.
Hint Panel A yellow panel that the player can read to get info or tips for overcoming obstacles.
Solar Station B1 Solar Station Machines that automatically stores solar energy detected by the solar sensor. Stored energy can be transferred to the Solar Gun holding down the A Button.
Solar Bamboo Shoots Hardened crystal solar energy that inside has three types of Spirit Bugs.
Warp Magic Square B1 Warp Magic Square

Environment Edit

Wooden Box
Rock Block
ice Block
Solar Mirror
Solar Root
Sol City Block Blocks from Sol City that the player can move with the Game Pad Control Pad

Hostile Edit

Spider Web Shinbok Spider Web Spider traps that catch its enemies. Is visible under sunlight but in dark places is invisible. Move the Game Pad Control Pad to escape
Lava Floors Lava Floors Flowing lava by the ground that burns who touch it. It can be freezing using Frost Len.
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