Omega Xis (War Rock)
Official Artwork
Title: AM Alien
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Type: None
Property: None
Features: Crossover Character,Extra Terrenial (JAP exclusive)
First appearance: Lunar Knights
Voice actor: N/A
Seiyū: N/A
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War Rock is a Terrenial only obtainable in the Japanese version of Lunar Knights (Boktai DS) by crossing over with the Japanese version of Megaman: Star Force (Shooting Star Rockman). In English his name is Omega-Xis, or Mega for short. Mega provides Geo Stelar (main character of Megaman Starforce) with an array of different forms and abilities, some of which are believed to be obtainable through the Lunar Knights/Starforce Crossover.


War Rock is usually hot headed, and always the type who are always ready for battle (as shown in Megaman Starforce).