Master Otenko (おてんこさま Otenko-sama) is a character that appears in all Boktai games. His appearance is that of a sunflower with eyes and a long nose.

Boktai story arcEdit

Otenko is the terrestrial embodiment of the sun's will, and Messenger of the Sun. Otenko aids Django on his quest, serving as a mentor. Otenko also played partner to Red Ringo, Django's father. In the first Boktai game, he was petrified by Carmilla, yet his soul is sealed away inside Sabata. When Django defeated Sabata near the end of the first game, Otenko was set free. During a conversation with Hel, it was revealed that Otenko knew about Django and Sabata being brothers the whole time. In Boktai 2, Otenko was sealed away in Black Dainn's body. When Black Dainn is purified, Otenko is released. Otenko also decides to sacrifice himself to seal the Eternal, Vanargand, but is saved due to his strong bond with Django. Otenko acts as a mentor to Django throughout the entire series.

Lunar Knights story arcEdit

Toasty, known as Otenko in the Japanese release, is the Sol Terrenial. Toasty is, according to several of the other members of the Acuna Guild, a comrade of Aaron's father.

Toasty was badly wounded in the fight that cost Aaron's father his life, and was recovering in Aaron's Solar Gun, Knight, thus he says that it's the reason why Aaron can't fire his gun until he finally wakes up to help Aaron save Lisbeth. Upon hearing this from Toasty, Aaron jokingly accuses him of jamming the Solar Gun's barrel, preventing it from firing.

Despite the change of name from Otenko to Toasty, this character is the same as the Otenko from the first three Boktai games, though his experience of the past is different due to a rift in the timeline that divides Boktai from Lunar Knights. In Toasty's past, the original Django was killed by Sabata, and Vanargand was used by Ratatosk to take over the world.

Fun FactsEdit

  • If Otenko is shot with the sol lens eqquipped continiously at the first game, he will grow and his name will be heard in a calmer way than usual after a while, if the shot stopped, Otenko will shrink and his name will be called just like it usually did when he appears in dungeon.
  • If shot with the dark gun parts eqquipped continously, Otenko will shrink.
  • Using the solar bomb "Rising Sun", Otenko will also grow.
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