Overheating is a unique mechanic introduced in the Boktai series. When the game solar sensor detects the player have been out in the sun for so long, the game will display the text "Overheat" over the sunlight gauge. This warns the player that it is time to take a break from the sun. If the player continues to ignore this warning, depending on the game, various consequences can occur.

Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand Edit

In Boktai, Django only main source of damage is the Gun Del Sol. Once overheated it is unable to shoot and is rendered useless. This makes it hard and difficult to progress through the game. The only way to recover is to take a break and do something else. A voice will say overheat when the overheating begins.

Boktai 2: Solarboy Django Edit

In Boktai 2, overheating works a little different. Unlike in Boktai 1 where the Gun Del Sol is overheated, instead of that, Django is overheated. When overheated a smoke will appear in Django head. After being overheated a little more the smoke would become more active. Once that happen Django will collapse and be taken back to San Miguel where he lies in bed. It is worth noting that the voice for overheat have been removed for unknown reasons and is replaced with a beep beep sound. It may have to do something with the original Gun Del Sol. Django can overheat inside buildings despite being in the shades. Otenko in here worries about Django saying the quote "Django...".

Boktai 2 Django in bed

Boktai 3: Sabata Counterattack Edit

In Boktai 3, overheat works the same way as Boktai 2 with some few changes. Django can now recover his overheat inside buildings as long as the smoke in his head had started. When collapse he is taken back to his home. Otenko in here is quiet and wait patiently until Django is recovered.

Django in Bed
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