Remainin Tower
Remaining Tower
Dungeon info
Type Undead, optional
Main property


Size 10 rooms, 5 floors



Clear Permafrost and Firetop Mountain


Crusader Frame

Silver Coin

Remainin Tower is the first dungeon of the third area which the player must enter. It is undead dungeon, but it does not have to be cleared in order to progress. To skip the dungeon, the player must just walk forward, take the lower stairs up, walk trough the door and walk out in the other end. No enemies nor bosses must be slain, but this leaves the dungeon with "Uncleared" status.


As the name suggests, the dungeon is a tower. The main recurring theme is stairs and elevators. In the second room there is a block puzzle, which must be solved in order to progress higher into the tower. In the third room there is a locked door, which requires a key. This key can be obtained after defeating the boss and is used to reach the Crusader solar gun frame . In the south-west corner of the room are the stairs leading up. The next room contains a one-block-wide path with mummies . They can be bypassed by flattening against the wall.

The next room contains no enemies and two doors. However, when entered, the boss (Armor) will start dropping spiked balls on top of the player. They can be easily dodged by constantly moving, but from this point on the player will be constantly bombarded by spiked balls until the 5th floor is reached. The door to south holds a single room with a single zombie guarding a blue chests. This chests holds the key to the boss room. To the west leads to corridor which contains a single skylight as well as the stairs to the 5th floor.

The 5th floor contains 3 rooms: one corridor, a side room and the boss room. In the side room there is a hidden chests in the middle of 3x3 platform, guarded by 4 boks from all sides. This chests contains a Silver Coin . The boss room is only accessible with the key from the 4th floor. The boss is a cursed Armor with a sword. After defeating the boss, the player will be granted a blue key. This key can be used to open a locked door in floor 2, allowing the access to the Crusader frame.

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