Official Artwork
Title: Red Ringo
Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Type: Dark
Property: Dark
Features: Absorbs life, summons knives, solar gun
First appearance: Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Voice actor: Guy Perryman
Seiyū: Akio Ōtsuka
Sprite: Ringo.png

Ringo (リンゴ) is a vampire hunter, a solar child and the first person to wield the Gun del Sol, a Solar Gun created by Smith. He is married with Mani and is the father of Django and Sabata.


Ringo was a vampire hunter that lived in San Miguel and was accompanied by Otenko. When San Miguel was attacked by his rival, the Count, he fought against him and passed away, but managed to fatally wound the Count. Django obtained Ringo's Gun del Sol and his crimson scarf, and went with Otenko after the Count to avenge his father while he was recovering from his wounds.

Initially it was believed Ringo had died, but it was revealed in Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django that he was turned into a vampire by the Count. Ringo wasn't able to control himself because of the darkness, and stole the Gun del Sol from Django in the beginning of the game. Later, Django and Sabata manage to catch up with Ringo inside the Remains in the desert. The vampire turned out to be their father, and he was happy to see them after his defeat. However, due to his mindset being that of a vampire, Ringo bites Django and leaves, but Django survives. When Django went after the Darkness Tree, Ringo appeared and revealed he was able to recover his senses thanks to Django's blood, which contained the blood of a Lunar Child, his mother Mani. Ringo subdued Dainn to give time to Django defeat Durathror.

Ringo is seen again later in the Aqueduct, where he asks Django to find three Tarot cards needed to unlock the seal and go after Dainn, who had managed to enter the location. However, it's revealed Ringo was possessed by Dainn and used Django to enter in the local to free the last Immortal, Dvalinn. Using Ringo, Dainn was able to free Jormungandr, but he is later defeated and Ringo holds Dainn back to Django successfully purify him in the Pile Driver. Both Ringo and Dainn die, and Django recovers the Gun del Sol. Towards the end of the game, when Django was re-binding Jormungandr with the help of the San Miguel townspeople, the player could see Ringo's shadow amidst the bright light.

Ringo had a short appearance in a flashback from Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, and four accessories obtained in the arena are similar to the ones used by Ringo in Boktai 2. When all four are used together, Django's Sol Trance lasts longer.


  • Sword Summoning: He standstill and summon swords pointing at your current location, then throwing said swords at you. They fly at you in a certain rhythm, so they're pretty easy to avoid.
  • Sword Summoning V2: He standstill and slowly summon Three swords are aimed at Sabata. Knock them away with your own sword, he screams "Take this!".
  • Ripper: He flies at you and slashes. This is fairly easy to dodge.
  • Blood Sucking: Same as above, but if he catches you, he starts biting you, healing himself, he laughs evilly before attacking.
  • Bat Company: Below 45% HP, Ringo will separate himself into a group of bats and try to attack you and Sabata, if hit enough times, Sabata will counter with Dark Spin.
  • Gun del Sol Frames: Ringo changes Gun's frames depending on the battle's situation.
    • Fighter: Ringo's most use attack, he shots a single solar bullet after dodging Djando's attacks, he screams "Subaru!"(?).
    • Calamity: Ringo will occasionally shot 3 bullets in a row if below 70% HP.
    • Wizard: Below 10% HP, Ringo will shot 2 barrages of 3 bullets each in a cone-shape that goes further away from each other.



Ringo is the protagonist of the spaghetti western films "Stagecoach" and "A Pistol for Ringo".