San Miguel

San Miguel (サン・ミゲル), the City of the Sun, is Django's hometown. In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, the city was turned into a city of death by the Undeadening, but Django and the citizens managed to restore it to normal after the defeat of the Immortals. In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, Django has a house in the city.

Main buildingsEdit

  • Inn: The inn of the city, with a Solar Bamboo that the player can use to recover energy. Zazie stays in the inn most of the time.
  • Bank: Where the player can use the Solar Bank and Dark Loans.
  • Blacksmith: A blacksmith run by Smith, who can create new weapons combining two others. The blacksmith moves to the warehouse's location in Boktai 3.
  • Tool shop: A item shop run by Lita. In Boktai 2 she sells fruits and a few other items, and in Boktai 3 items in general.
  • Accessory shop: A accessory shop run by Kid, where the player can buy armors, shoes and other equipments. Kid also sells items in Boktai 2.
  • Weapon shop: A weapon shop run by Cheyenne.
  • Library: The library of the city, taken care by Lady. The player can see the enemy and weapon databases here.
  • Clock tower: A clock tower taken care by Ennio. The player can change the time once per day by talking with Ennio.
  • Coffin shop/Garage: A coffin shop run by the Coffin Shopkeeper, where the player can buy different coffins. The shop was changed into a garage in Boktai 3, where the player can run in different courses, customize the Coffin Bike and exchange points by items.
  • Warehouse: A warehouse where Django can store items by talking with Violet after finding Marcello. In Boktai 3 the warehouse was replaced by the blacksmith, and Django can store items in his home.
  • Home: Django's home introduced in Boktai 3, in the location that used to be the warehouse. Violet, Nero and the Coffin Shopkeeper stay in his home and Django can storage items, choose a doll to decorate his room and customize his Coffin Bike.
  • Houses: Other houses in the city, two of them being from Marcello and Luis. The houses can't be accessed in Boktai 3, but the two appear in other buildings.

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