"Collect them all and..."
— item description

Silver Coins ( 銀貨 ; Ginka ) are collectible coins with a great value that are scattered all over Istrakan, in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. There are 30 coins in all, and collecting all of them unlock the sound test in the main menu.

All of the coins are inside in green chests, some of the chests are invisible them that requires a See-all Nut or a Scan Grenade to see, and other chests appear when an puzzle is solved.


Fog Castle[]

Where Video
[F2] To the left of the column in front of the stairs, in an invisible chest.

Small Cave[]

[F1] - In the south part, in a inverted L formation (visible).

Gate of the Deads[]

[F1] - A room before the boss room, in a place with two entrances side-by-side, at the bottom one in a corner with no exit (visible).

Ancient Forest[]

[F1] - In the middle room, passing an entrance blocked by a stone (needs the Cloud Lens), going right, up and to the left in a dead end (visible).


[F1] - In the room with the Solar station (The room with a S), near the loader above the stairs in a small corner (invisible).

Bloodrust Mansion[]

[F1] - The clock room challenge, going south to a small room full of books is right in the middle (visible).

Deserted Arsenal[]

[F1] - Near the entrance, near the first stone that must be slid, in a small corner next to the big hole, on the side opposite the teleport (invisible).

Stair of Trial[]

[F1] - In the same room of the Solar station, down the stairs and up the next stairs just above, this is in a corner near the stairs (invisible).

Noname Fortress[]

[F1] - Next to the exit teleport, in a room containing 3 chests, the one in the middle is a Mimic (visible).

Death Cliff[]

[F1] - Right next to the entrance go up the stairs going to the left, go down the small staircase this is in a corner (visible).

Crumbling Mine[]

[F1] - In the second room, then close the exit to the next room in a dead end (invisible).

Suffering House[]

[F1] - In the next area to the right of the bank, going up the platform, it is close to another chest and the reflection of sunlight (visible).


[F1] - Going to the north path at the beginnig, after passing a full area of Ice Golem continue to the right, it is inside a light green chest inside the cave, Django must go to the other side of the hill and fell in the thin ice square area closest to the chest orange-brown at the hill top to get it. (visible)

Firetop Mountain[]

[F5] - In south area of 5F, in front of the Immortal area, going to the right passing a cave blocked by a box, enter the next cave in the box puzzle, it's in the end of a small corridor next to the wall. (visible)

Stench Forest[]

[F1] - In a small area in the center of the forest, in the upper corner (visible).

Remaining Tower[]

[F5] - In a small room protected by four dark ghouls (invisible).

Valley of Ice[]

[B1] - After passing the solar station, in the slippery ice floor with two ghouls, the one at the top protects a common chest, next to this using a see-all nut there is a light green chest (invisible).

Scar of the Land[]

[B1] - Going down the stairs, there are two chest side of the stair, it's the one on the right side protected by a fire obstacle, use the Frost lens (visible).

Forgotten Tomb[]

[F1] - From the entrance to the second area (with one golem) go all the way to the left at the first entrance to the third area at north of the map, follow the path to the northwest and enter the tomb containing 4 Red Ghouls and 3 Treasure Chests, one of them is a silver coin (visible).


[F1] - In the third room going on the right (Largest room), disable Sunlight leaving only a bar so you can see a secret path in the middle, going east will have the chest with the item (visible).

Sol City[]

[F20] - From the area that Django battled with Sabata, head to the next room to the east, from there go all the way to the right, before the arithmetic challenge room hidden by a tree. (visible)

Fallen Devil Castle[]

1º [F5] - From the entrance, go to the right by opening the locked door, then up, in the cockatrice room go right, in the next room go up in the elevator and go out, continue straight and climb the stairs, go up all the stairs to the top of the tower, the chest is on the right side (visible).

2º [F2] - After getting the first Silver Coin, go to the north edge of the tower, shoot activate the switch and the chest with a triangular key appears, go down all the stairs and head northwest to open the blue door, at the end of it, shoot the mirrors to activate the crystal and open the middle door, follow the path until the end in the left corner is the chest (visible).

Water Demon's Cage[]

[F2] - Proceeding through the dungeon, after passing an abyss area, Django will reach an area containing stairs, go up to the second floor, the chest is in front of the bank (invisible).

House of Darkness[]

1º [F1] - From the entrance following the path on the right, after taking the blue square key, enter through the corresponding blue door, and go up the elevator on the left (visible).

2º [F3] - Before going to the Undead Challenge Room on the second floor, go up the stairs to the third floor, there use the See-all nut to see the hidden chest on the left (invisible).

Fire Dragon's Grave[]

[1F] - From the entrance, go all the way to the right until you reach a room containing an abyss, two moving mirrors, a green crystal and a remote switch, shoot the switch to open the side door, enter in a small room, the southernmost room on the map, containing the chest (visible).

Dark Castle[]

Wind Tower [F5] - After solving the cockatrice puzzle, go up the stairs arriving at F5, then you will see the chest, from the entrance go straight, then go to your right and up stairs, go around from the upper part back to the raised platform at the entrance, it can be MISSABLE if completed the tower without getting it.(visible).

Dark Castle [11F] - Entering the floor make the path of light appear and continue following near the wall (visible).


In Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, when talking to kid several times he will ask where are the silver coins, in that, django answers that he left them in istrakan.