Silvery White Knight
Ingame image
Title:Lunar Guardian
Features:Extra Boss
First appearance:Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
Voice actor:Walter Roberts
Sprite:SWN Sprite 1SWK Sprite 2

Legends tell of the moon's protector, one who slayed the demons of the Doomsday World. The Silvery White Knight, also known as the Lunar Guardian, is that honorable warrior, and he only appears before the most courageous of heroes. The Knight resides at the top of the Azure Sky Tower in Istrakan, and is very dismayed with Sabata making Dark Guardians out of his comrades, Garmr and Muspell. When Django reaches the top of the tower, the Silvery White Knight challenges him to a duel, and when defeated swears his allegiance to the Solar Boy, thanking him for freeing Garmr and Muspell from the darkness. The Silvery White Knight grants Django the use of his sword to aid him on his quest (in the form of the Guardian frame), and when Django reaches the very pinnacle of the tower, he is also given the Infinite battery for his solar gun by this master warrior.

The demons of the Doomsday World the Knight is said to have slain may or may not be the eternals Vanargand and Jormungandr .

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