Original Sprite
Features:Attacks with its bare hands.
First appearance:Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Voice actor:None
Sprite:Skeleton FencerS Skeleton ArcherS Skeleton+S

Skeleton (スケルトン) is a common enemy in the Boktai series. Skeletons move in a slow drudge, and attack by swinging their arms. When defeated with a non-elemental attack, their heads will remain and the body will regenerate after a short time. In Lunar Knights they spawn from the floor.


In addition to normal Skeletons, there are other types:

  • Skeleton Fencer: Just like regular Skeletons, but they attack with swords.
  • Skeleton Archer: Same as Skeletons, but they attack with a bow and arrows.
  • Skeleton+: A stronger version of Skeleton.
  • Black Skeleton: A type of Skeleton from Boktai 3.
  • Black Fencer: A type of Skeleton from Boktai 3.
  • Black Archer: A type of Skeleton from Boktai 3.
  • ???: (no official name) Skeletons appear using bikes in some courses of Boktai 3, with varying equipment.
  • The Three Black Bearded Brothers (黒ひげ三兄弟): Three skeleton pirate brothers in Boktai 3 that challenge Django to solve three problems in Dark Castle. They are Jack (ジャック), the younger pirate brother with red coat, George (ジョージ) the 2nd brother with blue coat, and John (ジョン), the eldest brother with purple coat. After solving their problems, they reveal that they worked for Hel and don't like Ratatosk, and ask Django to save their true master, Sabata. They leave the area and three chests appear, one of them with the Frame Bubbles.


A skeleton is a rigid framework that provides protection and structure in many types of animals, including humans. Skeletons often appears in fiction as a type of physically manifested undead.

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