Title: Blacksmith
Gender: Male
Age: 50~60s (not confirmed)
Type: None
Property: None
Features: Makes weapons
First appearance: Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Voice actor: Walter Roberts
Seiyū: Yoji Ueda
Sprite: {{{Sprite}}}

Smith (スミス) is the Solar Smith, who creates weapons for Django. He created the Gun Del Sol for Ringo and instructed him in the ways of the Gunslinger. After the Gun Del Sol was damaged in the Pile Driver fight between Dainn and Ringo, Smith fixes it for Django. Smith was also called Gun Master Smith back when he was Ringo's mentor. Smith only has one eye, after losing the other to the undead during the undeadining of San Miguel. Smith can help you forge new weapons by Solar Forging, which essentially uses sunlight to power a forge. This is how you get the higher level weapons in the game. The process changes between Boktai 2 and Boktai 3, however the results are the same in the end.


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