Solar Boy Django (manga)

Solar Boy Django (太陽少年ジャンゴ Taiyō Shōnen Jango?) is a manga series based on the Boktai series of video games. The manga was written by Makoto Hijoka and published in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic from September 2003 to July 2007. The story follows Django, a young vampire hunter searching for his older brother Sabata.


Django, a vampire hunter, is looking for his brother Sabata. When he arrives at a town, he meets Master Otenko, Messenger of the Sun. Otenko informs Django he is the one spoken of in the Legend of the Solar Boy, a descendant of the Solar Tribe. The townspeople soon tell Django about "The Count", a vampire who uses the Undead to attack the town. Django goes to the Count's castle to confront him. After defeating the Count, Luna, vampire clad in armor, appears before Django. Django recognizes the scar on the vampire's hand and comes to the conclusion that Luna is his brother Sabata. Thus, his quest begins. The story is divided in four arcs:

Luna Arc

This is when Django begins his journey. He must defeat all the Immortals to go to the Dark Castle and face Luna. After killing the vampires and going to the Dark Castle, it turns out that Luna is simply a suit of armour, and that Sabata is held hostage by Black Dain.

Dain Arc

Django must go to Dain's castle to rescue Sabata. He still has hope he can turn Sabata back into a human, but he must fight Dain's new immortals on the way. To make it worse, he finds that his father Ringo, who is now a vampire, has lost his mind and attacked him. It's only matter of time until Jormungandr gets revived by Dain.

San Miguel Arc

After defeating Black Dain, Django returns to San Miguel to find a vampire attacking it, with a 50,000 Soll bounty on its head. Also, Django meets up with an old friend, but not in the way he had hoped.


  • Unlike the games, the manga has altered the storyline from avenging his father to finding his brother.
  • Another thing that has been altered is that Nero is an Immortal in the Django&Sabata Arc and The Count helps out Django unlike the games.
  • In the manga Dainn was the main antagonist throughout the series.
  • Arnica is only appears in the manga.
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