Tempest it's a type of Frame in that makes appearance in Boktai: The Sun Is in your Hand

Frame info
Boktai 1 TempestFrame


Stun --
Effect Axe shot.

Fire a rotating spread.

Location Azure Sky Tower

Gameplay Edit

Boktai 1 Tempest Shot

The Tempest frame makes the Gun del Sol fires a rotating spread attack. Depending the frame you have, the rotating will be slow or faster. The rotation of the Tempest is useful to defeat the Klorofolun

Location Edit

Find it inside in a green chest behind the cloud door, in the top of Azure Sky Tower



Boktai 3 Sabata's Counterattack Edit

Frame info


Power C
ENE Cost B (10 ENE/shot)
Effect Axe shot.

Fire a rotating spread shot.

Location Ancient Tree

The Tempest is back in Boktai 3 Sabata's Counterattack a little bit different.

Gameplay Edit

Boktai 3 TempestShot

The tempest frame in boktai 3 is smaller and faster, and the frame have a different design.

Location Edit

Found at in the Ancient Tree

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