In the Boktai series (except Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand), the player can obtain titles or achievements by completing certain actions, such as exploring all the dungeons or collecting all the weapons. To claim a title, the player has to talk to an NPC with references to the title.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Edit

In Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand the titles are awarded to the player upon completion the game, this titles are based on certain gameplay statistics. To see the previous game title, go to the solar tree and enter to stats room, left panel.

After finishing the game you can get a password. that password contains your game stats, (play time, being found, continues, charged energy, cleared dungeons, rank and title) and is used to the boktai web site and Boktai 2. When the password is entered, you gets a wallpaper and your previous title with a comment of otenko. unfortunately, the boktai website was shot down in 2014, and with it, the password system.

If you enter the password to boktai 2, gets a extra items in the start of the game, and a different comment of Zazie at San Miguel.

Name Obtaining
Pawn Title Pawn Complete the game with a C-Rank
Knight Title Knight Complete the game with a B-Rank
Rook Title Rook Complete the game with a A-Rank
King Title King Complete the game with a S-Rank
Berserker Title Berserker Get caught 400 times or more
Bishop Title Bishop Kill 500 or more Enemies
Queen Title Queen Kill less than 100 enemies
Running Boy Title Running Boy Go to the Punishment Room 8 or more times
Gladiator Title Gladiator Play 50 or more Link Battles and have a win ranking of 70% or higher
Death Title Death Continue more than 100 times
Solar Merchant Title Solar Merchant Trade 50 or more items
Dark Boy Title Dark Boy Collect less than 100 Soll
Solar Boy Title Solar Boy Collect more than 600 Soll
Gun Master Title Gun Master Collect all the Gun Parts
Trigger of Sol Trigger of Sol Collect all Gun Parts and complete the game with an S-Rank

Name Otenko's Comment
Pawn Title Pawn "The worst Rank, C...
A pawn is a foot soldier...
A small fry, in other words.
Don't let it get you down!"
Knight Title Knight "Rank B, a knight.
Average. I guess.
You can definitely do better.
I await your next challenge!"
Rook Title Rook "Rank A!
A rook is a castle. Good job, Solar Boy!!
I know you can still do better.
Why not go for a higher rank?"
King Title King "You've achieved Rank S.
Great job, Solae Boy!
I can walk around as a proud man.
I have no feet!"
Berserker Title Berserker "How many times have I told you not to be seen by the enemy! But Your recklessness makes you a true crazy warrior!!
Wha..What are you doing?
Stop pulling my mouth!"
Bishop Title Bishop "You've really purified quite a few Undeads.
I'm sure their souls are at peace now.
keep on saving the wandering spirits.
Be careful no to drown in your own powers"
Queen Title Queen "Why are you hesitant to defeat the Undead?
Wait a minute...
Your very grace could be that which the Queen could not make her own..."
Running Boy Title Running Boy "Return that which you have borrowed!
How many times did I have to tell you this!
What? You enjoy running?
Maybe you have the hots for that girl..."
Gladiator Title Gladiator "You have won more than 70% of all link battles.
Strong, you are!! Only the victorious gladiators of Ancient Rome were the survivors.
Be careful not to win too much and lose your friends!"
Death Title Death "Somewhat Undead-ish...
Well, do not worry!
Your strength to stand up after being knocked down every single time is a virtue!!"
Solar Merchant Title Solar Merchant "That's a lot of items you have exchanged...
Maybe you know how to do business."
Dark Boy Title Dark Boy "You've done so much without the help of the Sun.
You aren't... Sabata, are you?"
Solar Boy Title Solar Boy "You have been showered by a lot of sunlight.
You are indeed a Solar Boy!!"
Gun Master Title Gun Master "You have achieved all with the solar gun Gun Del Sol.
The entire Boktai staff is very happy with how much you enjoyed the game.
Thank you!!"
Trigger of Sol Trigger of Sol "Never thought you would do this well!
Let us now give you the highest title of the delegate of Sol the solar will--Trigger of Sol.
May the Sun be with you!"

Name Zazie's Comment
Pawn Title Pawn "Yer not a Pawn for nuthin'! Go get 'em!"
Knight Title Knight "You shouldn't be satisfied stayin' as Knight!"
Rook Title Rook "I can't believe you got the title o' Rook!"
King Title King "Don't disgrace the title of King, awright?!"
Berserker Title Berserker "Gotta use a bit more noggin before yer act!"
Bishop Title Bishop "There's no point just takin' out the little peons!"
Queen Title Queen "This ain't no time to be goin' easy on the Undead."
Running Boy Title Running Boy "You'd shock even Doomy!"
Gladiator Title Gladiator "You're Gladiator? Must've been a fluke, right?!"
Death Title Death "It's 'cos you've been usin' up those continues. Now look at yer!"
Solar Merchant Title Solar Merchant "If yer reckon you're a Solar Merchant, at least change yer weapon!"
Dark Boy Title Dark Boy "Don't yer like the Sun or somethin'?"
Solar Boy Title Solar Boy "You can't be the real deal."
Gun Master Title Gun Master "Yer gonna have to give up yer title o' Gun Master!"
Trigger of Sol Trigger of Sol "So you're the Trigger of Sol? How embarrassing..."

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Edit

Name Obtaining
Sword Master Get your sword skill to level 99, then Talk to
Spear Master Get your spear skill to level 99, then talk to
Hammer Master Get your hammer skill to level 99, then talk to
First Master Get your fist skill to level 99, then talk to Lita.
Gun Master Get your Solar Gun skill to level 99, then talk to Sabata.
Adept Get Django to level 99, then talk to
Day Walker Beat the final boss, then talk to
Adventurer Clear every undead dungeons & Immortal dungeons.
Agent Complete all Library requests, then talk to Lady.
Collector Get all weapons, armors (except mega armors), and pictures, then talk to Lady.
Dark Hunter Get all monsters in the beastiary, then talk to Lady.
Grand Master Get all of the above and talk to ???.

Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack Edit

Name Obtaining
Adept Reach Lv 99 (Speak with Lita)
Gladiator Complete the Arena the 1st time (Speak with Cheyeene)
SP Agent S rank all dungeon missions. (Speak with Lady)
Champion S rank all bike tracks. (Speak with Coach)
Dark Hunter Complete the Monster Book (Speak with Zazie)
Alchemist Get and forge all weapons. (Speak with Smith)
Collector Collect all 27 Photos (Speak with Kid)
Doll Master Get all dolls. (Speak with Violet)
Storyteller See all 4 endings (Speak with Otenko)
Grand Master Get all previous titles. (Speak with Kuro)

Lunar Knights Edit

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