Trinity (トリニティ) is a character in Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack, a boy donning a blue poncho that was a memento from his mother and a cooking pot on his head to protect himself from his mother's strength.


Trinity comes from a dark future, where Ratatosk succeeds in his plotting and becomes the Lord of Destruction, and humans fight for food, money, and their own lives. In his time, there is a legend about a warrior that was betrayed by his friend and sealed in an unknown location, and Trinity's mother searched for this warrior of light to help the world. His mother died during her quest and Trinity had to survive by himself from then on.

Trinity was transported to Django's time period via a worm hole while stealing bread crusts in his time. Unknown to him, he had fallen above Django's seal and weakened it, helping Django escape. In the past, Trinity acts as a treasure hunter and takes Django as his pupil when they first meet in Lifeless Town, but he only causes trouble to Django and upsets Otenko. After knowing who Django is, Trinity believes he's the legendary warrior but that the future can't be changed, and Django would eventually die. He follows Django only to obtain treasures.

Trinity was captured twice during the game by both Hresvelgr and Nidhoggr, but was rescued by Django in both incidents, and slowly befriended him. After confronting the Immortal Ratatosk in Dark Castle, Trinity noticed Django was going to fall into a trap and saved him, being sucked into a black hole summoned by Ratatosk. Trinity is dropped out of the black hole onto the Ancient Giant Tree, where he rejoins Django, Sabata and Otenko at the end of the game.

Lunar KnightsEdit

In Lunar Knights, it is revealed that Aaron's father, the former leader of the Gunslinger Guild, is named Trinity. He was killed by Dumas whilst fighting the Lord of Destruction.

Although the game never outrightly states that this is the same Trinity from Boktai 3, the Official Guide has confirmed that they are the same person. It's possible that Trinity never travelled to the past in the timeline of Lunar Knights.

Name originEdit

Trinity's name is a reference to the protagonist of the "They Call Me Trinity" series of spaghetti western films.

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