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Hello there I'm NecromancerXD but either Necro or XD will work fine. I'm the only active admin here so if you got any problems feel free to contact me since I'll be here all day. My role here is to revive the series and the wiki by getting it well known. If you want to help edit a bit an apply for adminship the link for response will be below.

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Well I first found out the series when I played Megaman Battle Network 4. So later I watch a vid on YouTube (Final fight in Boktai 3) and then I had to get the game xD. 2 years later I found Boktai 2 and loved it,well I had to use a lamp since I was playing the game in Winter xD. I manage to beat it and 3 months later I found Boktai 1; which was okay but I was used to the action in Boktai 2 rather than the stealth in Boktai 1. After learning how to use Visual Boy (GBA emulator) the first game I got was Boktai 3 and man was it fun. I just love every thing in it xD from story line to music is was awesome and my favorite Boktai game and one of my top 10 favorite games of all time. After 2 or 3 months I manage to get Lunar Knights; It was ok but I still say Boktai 3 is better mostly due to a better challenge it had a longer lasting appeal to me. That, and I never like the Piledriver gimmick in Lunar Knights (especially the last boss -_-;). Well I say Boktai 3 was perfect, Boktai 2 was memorable, Boktai 1 was fun abusing the gun xD, and Lunar Knights had the jazz theme music XD.

Wiki(a) and Me :L

Technically this isn't the first wiki(a) I saw. The first was Beyblade wikia (Yes I like the series) and the really I wanted to get some good info on the beys. The community however was the total opposite. Full of immaturity left and right and broken trust between users. Eventually I left since they can't get themselves together whatsoever. However, They were exceptions. Although during my time their info was decent since most of their info was from a website called WBO (same concept except better community and quicker and more precise info). Moving on after a couple of incidents with immature users I decided to help Boktai/Taiyou Wiki since it's more quiet and I want to bring it back to life. Other wiki(a)s I'm at (Not for chats) are Pokemon/Terraria wiki(a)s.

Pages I need to keep track of.....

Why? because they constantly need to be updated from time to time so I made this since I don't have the greatest of memories xD.

About Myself

Well first off for all those pedo out there I'm in NY. My favorite games are:

  • Boktai (duh and all the series)
  • The World Ends with You
  • Zelda/Kirby/Sonic/Mario
  • Fire Emblem
  • Pokemon and Digimon (yes I like both kill me :L)
  • More but I forget ^.^;

I like to be online A LOT, usually to watch vids on youtube and chat with my GF. Well that's all the info you're getting from me if you want more (for some reason I don't want to know) Contact me sometimes here or youtube. As for my personality I'm usually a nice guy, however I'm somewhat strict so if I sound harsh sorry :/.